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Welcome to the Whole Foods Plant Based Oil Free website. After many request from friends and family to list my many recipes we came up with this site. These recipes were what took me from 30 year junk food vegetarian to where I am at today

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Cancer Fighting Protocol

This is a basic outline of our holistic cancer treatment that many are requesting from us. It is not meant to replace your doctors treatment  ;-]  and you should let your doctor know what you are doing as with any other changes you make.

Hopefully you have been getting paper copies of all of your blood work and you are organizing them so they are easy to track. I suggest even transferring them into a Excel or Google Sheets document so your progress is easy to see.

If your doctor has not tested your vitamin D3 ask for it asap. Same goes for your blood and urine PH level, folate, homocysteine, IGF-1 and more. Tracking these are critical to watching your progress.

Supplements to Include in Your Protocol

Vitamin K2
Vitamin K2 may be the most important supplement you take. There are two forms, mk-7 and mk-4 and I suggest taking both but it's the mk-4 form which is most important for battling cancer. And it is safe to take very very high doses. I would be trying to take somewhere in the range of 10,000 - 20,000 mcg of the mk-4 version of K2 if it was me. The mk-7 form I would try to stay at the suggested range of 90-100 mcg.

Vitamin C
High doses of vitamin C have proven to be very effective against cancer. In other parts of the world this is done intravenously with a combination of vitamin C and vitamin K3. There has been many cases here in the states that have claimed to have success using the oral treatment outlined here.

Vitamin D3
Start your daily D3 dose low, about 5,000 IUs daily taken with your breakfast. If you are severely deficient you may experience some bone pain as the vitamin d forces calcium back into demineraliszed bones. If you do not experience pain move up to 10,000 IUs daily and even higher. Request that your doctor add vitamin D to your next blood test.

The best way of getting turmeric is using it in food, which is difficult for us in the west where it is not part of our regular diets. The most active form is when it's cook with oil [just a tiny bit since you should be on an almost oil free diet] and fresh ground black pepper. Don't cheat on this, re-read that sentence numerous times. Do that as often as you can, but try to get it in other ways even if it's cold. In your salads, in your smoothies, etc. Also, you can always buy a supplement but make sure it includes piperine. The oil of ground black pepper, which sometimes will be called something slightly different. Very confusing.

Magnesium Glycinate

When taking a high dose vitamin D protocol it will deplete your magnesium and most Americans are already extremely magnesium deficient due to their diet so you do not want to risk becoming magnesium deficient. Dosing is different for everyone, I suggest starting low and building your dose up gradually until you start experiencing loose bowels, then back off just a bit.

CoQ10 has proven to be effective in stopping tumor growth and is an amazing antioxidant for battling free radicals. There is two basic kinds of Coq10, Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone. If you can afford it, take both. If you can only afford the less expensive Ubiquinone but take much higher doses. I currently take 300 mg but would not hesitate to take 2 or 3 times that if I was battling cancer. Costco currently has a great deal on this, they call it Ubidecarenone which is just a USP approved version of Ubiquinone.

Quercetin is key ingredient in any holistic based protocol to battle cancer but becomes even more important if you have already attempted treatment offered up by western medicine since it is probably the best supplement to fight off the side effects and damage caused by those treatments. Quercetin has been found to remove senescent cells, cells that are now known to cause severe damage to our
DNA and encourage oncogenes which are known to transform healthy cells into tumor cells.

NAC [N Acetyl Cysteine]



Alpha Lipoic Acid

Melatonin has proven effective in both reducing the side effects of chemotherapy it also has
proven effective in eliminating cancer cells. We see this one as especially important for the ladies.
Virtually all women with breast cancer have extremely low melatonin levels. While virtually all
middle aged women who do not have breast cancer have high levels of melatonin. Please, have
your levels tested.

Zinc levels are critical for men and their prostate health and maintenance but is also important in your
battle with other forms of cancer. But supplementing zinc can be a sensitive subject since it is critical
to maintain a near perfect balance in zinc to copper ratio as possible. This is why it is best to get your
zinc from food sources like spinach, seeds, nuts and beans. If that is difficult for you then we suggest
supplementing zinc with a product from Jarrows called Zinc Balance. It includes the ratio of zinc and
copper needed to guarantee you are not depleting either. Find it here on

Vitamin B2

When it comes to Astragalus you will be taking advantage of it's general immune system building benefits which is even more important if you are fighting off the effects of chemotherapy. But it also is effective at stimulating the production of interferon. Interferon is important in fighting cell mutation and cancer development in general.



Selenium w/Vitamin E
Very important you do not take the type of vitamin E sold in box and drug stores. It will do more
harm than good. One of the best products available for this is the Life Extensions version. This One

DHEA has been found to be central in booster thymus function as well as our immune systems. It also reduces tumor growth and supports insulin function.

Beta Glucan

Avoid at All Cost
Sugar and sugar substitutes
Acidic Foods and Drinks
Dairy and Meats
Investigators found that by limiting an amino acid called asparagine it dramatically reduces the ability of cancer to travel to distant sites in the body. Foods rich in asparagine include dairy, whey, beef, poultry, eggs, fish, seafood, asparagus, potatoes, legumes, nuts, seeds, soy and whole grains. Foods low in asparagine include most fruits and vegetables.
DO NOT eat packaged foods, drink tap water, and more
Do NOT Supplement Iron
Do NOT Supplement Vitamin A....Make sure you are getting plenty of Sweet Potatoes, dark leafy greens, etc

Eat as Much Alkaline Foods as Possible, Here's Just a Few
Celery, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, avocado [call this your fat], cucumber, garlic, leafy green lettuce, brussell sprouts, asparagus, potatoes, carrots, radishes, ginger and beets. Yeah beets. Don't laugh, I know they are so unpopular. Working with raw beets is a great way to ruin the counters in your house. In my search to find something to put on my salads I found the jarred vinaigrette beets are great chopped up in your salad the you can add some of the juice into it as a based for a salad dressing substitute. That combined with the juice I save from my canned black beans is pretty good. And the bonus? The jarred beets are a great probiotic. Yes, avoid taking probiotics. Just be smart with your food to get it.

Don't forget alkaline water, testing has shown that the Trader Joe's alkaline water is great quality. A lot of whats on the market is garbage. If that is a challenge at least drink and cook with distilled water. This is soooo important.

You will find Omega 3 Fish Oil in most holistic protocols like this to raise the amount of omega 3's you are are getting but we discourage it. It is a highly concentrated form of animal protein that will raise your IGF-1 level and that is the opposite of what you are trying to do. Buy a quality flax seed and grind it fresh once a week. Some will tell you that you just can't get enough but they are suggesting that you eat two teaspoons daily. I put 4 teaspoons in each salad, 4 teaspoons in a smoothies, 4 teaspoons with my chopped fruit in the morning and on and on. I am lucky that I love the taste.

Here are some links to do your own research, put the search boxes to work on each one of these suggestions I have made so you can do your research on each one.

The Truth About Cancer
Vitamin D Protocol

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